Hey, everyone! Brad Callen here, and today I’d like to share with you something I’m really excited about that’s going to help you take your animated presentation videos to the next level. It’s the Toonly Elite Masterclass, created by ultra-advanced Toonie, Pamela Dimmick.

Now, many of you probably know Pamela already. She’s the voice behind the free Toonly video tutorials, the masterclass teacher of our sister software, Doodly, and she’s been involved with video production since the 80s. Bottom line, she really knows her stuff.

In the Toonly Elite Masterclass, Pamela shows you how to create super-professional videos, using all the advanced tips and tricks can take months—and maybe even years— for most to master on their own.

These tips are going to help you create videos that are

More Complex, More Visually Stimulating, and Far More Engaging to Your Fans, Followers, and Prospects

… meaning, they’ll get shared more often, watched longer, and ultimately, sell a lot better for you.

So, let me tell you what you can expect from the course. First off, it’s not going to bore you with the basics. You can find all that stuff for free by checking out the Toonly tutorials that are online. Instead, this course picks up where those tutorials left off, teaching you the most advanced methods you can use for creating amazing videos.

And although those methods are advanced, you’ll find them very easy to follow, because Pamela walks you step-by-step through every single thing she does.

Another reason you’re going to love this course is because Pamela’s devised all kinds of time-saving ways to do things using Toonly. With the course, you’re basically being given the opportunity to peek over her shoulder, so you can watch an expert user show you the best workarounds for stuff that few people know about.


So let me tell you what you’ll get with the

Toonly Elite Masterclass

It consists of


divided into


that get progressively more advanced as you move forward in the course.

Advanced Background Techniques



The first module is where you’ll discover how to create your own customized backgrounds. For example, you’ll learn how to use an image-sharing site like Pixabay to find and import new backgrounds into Toonly, so you have unlimited potential backgrounds to choose from.

You’ll also learn how you can easily make backgrounds using simple shapes, as well as how to create moving backgrounds. With these advanced background techniques, you’ll be able to create any type of scene you could ever imagine for your videos—in minutes!

Lighting Effects, Overlays, and Layers



After module 1, you’re ready to move on to the lighting effects, overlays, and layers module. These elements are crucial to understand if you want to create really sophisticated videos that take full advantage of Toonly’s capabilities.

So, in this module, you’ll learn how to make animated lighting look realistic, like a lighthouse beam might look. You’ll also learn techniques for doing cool things like making a logo display throughout your video, showing action through a window, having a bird fly in front of your skyline rather than behind it, and much, much more.

Working with Characters and Objects



In the characters and objects module, Pamela will do a quick review of lip syncing and keyframes before showing you more advanced keyframing techniques, so movements in your videos appear really fluid and life-like.

Plus, you’ll learn how to size your characters in a scene, how to create and show the back of a character, how to animate static objects like your logo, and much, much more.

Working with Text



In the 4th module, Pamela will show you how to work with text, so you can create some really neat text effects throughout your videos.

This module kicks things off by teaching you how to find and add fonts to your Toonly library, so the text in your videos looks exactly the way you want it to.

From there, you’ll discover how to create drop shadows and use underlays to give your text a colored background. Finally, you’ll learn how to animate text, so you can do fun stuff like make it shrink in size, drift off screen, and even scroll across your video like ticker tape.

Creating Cinematic Scenes



After the text module, you’ll move on to the 5th module where Pamela will teach you some camera skills that’ll turn you into a Toonly pro, as you go beyond the basics of zooming, panning, and tilting.

So, you’ll learn how you can pan over someone’s shoulder, use foreground elements to convey depth, and add motion to your video, so you can do advanced stuff like show a background whizzing by through the window of a moving train.

Working with External Videos



Finally, you’ll be ready for the last module of the course, the one geared toward Toonly power users. This is where you’ll learn how to create square and vertical videos you can use on social media.

You’re also going to learn how to turn a Toonly video into an animated gif, how to export Toonly characters to use in non-Toonly videos, and lastly, how you can combine a Toonly video with another type of video.

So, that’s a very brief overview of the entire course. It covers even more than that, but I just wanted to share with you the basics here. And in case you’re wondering, Pamela relies on Toonly for most of the stuff she teaches in the course. When she has to use external software to create an effect, she uses free software whenever possible.

Bottom line, this course is going to be really valuable to you. Not only is it going to help you create Toonly videos that are even better than the ones you’re creating now, but it’ll also save you a ton of time.

You won’t have to bang your head against the wall, spending hours and hours trying to figure this stuff out on your own. You’ll be able to leverage the hours and hours that Pamela has spent mastering things, and you’ll be able to cut the learning curve by a mile.

OK, by now you’re probably wondering how you can get the course.

I have great news for you--the Toonly Elite Masterclass is available for just one easy payment of $97.

At that price, it’s a no-brainer, because it’s such an incredible value when you consider all the time and effort Pamela put into creating those 27 videos.

Videos, by the way, that show you very explicitly how to do tons of really cool, advanced things with Toonly … things that will make your videos far more engaging and help you sell even better. That alone can make your investment in the course worth it.

But the videos aren’t even the only thing you’re gonna get with the course.

The course also comes with a special bonus!

When you order the course, you’ll also get 21 additional bonus files that Pamela created to save time with Toonly. These files are the same ones she uses throughout the course, and they’re designed to make it easier for you to do stuff like create your own backgrounds, make square or vertical videos, and use overlays, masks, layers, and lighting effects.

So, when you replicate things you’ve learned in the course, you won’t have to start from scratch. Instead, you’ll already have the tools Pamela created, making it easier and faster for you to do advanced stuff with Toonly. Again, these are a free bonus that you’ll get when you sign up for the course. But you need to act now.

So, to gain access to the Toonly Elite Masterclass,

Just scroll below this video and click the “Order” button now.

Once you’ve submitted your payment, you’ll receive immediate online access to the entire course. There will be a link to the time -saving files I mentioned toward the bottom of your screen, once you reach the lesson they’re used in.

Thanks for being a valued Toonie, and I can’t wait to see your newly created videos after you’ve gone through the course!


Available for Mac and PC